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April 29, 2024

Season 2024 Episode 6216 | 55m 53s

Christiane speaks with Amit Segal, a right-wing political analyst close to Benjamin Netanyahu’s government. Editor-in-Chief of Columbia University's newspaper discusses the protests disrupting the campus. Supermodel Cameron Russell's new memoir, "How to Make Herself Agreeable To Everyone," explores feeling both objectified and complicit in the system that built her career.

Aired: 04/28/24
News Wrap: Oppressive heat, extreme weather conditions sweep across the U.S.
The big environmental costs of rising demand for big data to power the internet
Why lower-income renters in Austin are struggling to find affordable housing
June 22, 2024 - PBS News Weekend full episode
Rev. William Barber discusses his new book "White Poverty."
Jessica Roth; Steven Mazie; Dr. Radley M. Horton; Dr. Rev. William J. Barber II
Brooks and Capehart on Biden's immigration order and Trump's mixed message
Critics pick the summer movies likely to sizzle at the box office
India's Muslims continue to face discrimination and hate following Modi's election win
News Wrap: European Union sets date for Ukraine, Moldova membership talks
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