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Jun 12, 2023

Season 2023 Episode 5247 | 55m 33s

Fierce clashes in Ukraine, Igor Zhovkha, the president’s chief diplomatic adviser, joins from Kyiv. Alastair Campbell, discusses his new book on bipartisan politics. Economist Keyu Jin traces China's rise and relationship with the West in her new book. Musician Donna Summer's daughter joins to discuss her new documentary about her mother and her complicated life.

Aired: 06/11/23
Appraisal: 1990 Susan Butcher Iditarod Trophy
Appraisal: 1927 'The Jazz Singer' Vitaphone Sample Disc
Appraisal: 1969 Rolex Oyster Cosmograph
Appraisal: 1930 Edward Curtis 'The North American Indian' Vol. 20
Appraisal: Hans Wegner GE240 'Cigar' Chair, ca. 1955
Appraisal: English Bass Violin, ca. 1790
Appraisal: 1907 Currier Co. Buffalo Bill Lithograph
Appraisal: 1964 Magnus Colcord Heurlin Oil
Appraisal: 1929 & 1941 Matanuska Colony Manuscript Maps
Appraisal: Chilkat Blanket, ca. 1910
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